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We are a mother and daughter team of hobby breeders in Central Oklahoma that enjoy the benefits of the doodle mixes.  When adding a poodle to a breed, it is known to improve the health of your pet, as well as, lessens the effect of allergies and shedding. We enjoy bringing the joy from our home to yours! 

We breed Cockapoos, Cavapoos, and pure-bred Poodles.

Raised with Care!

AD puppies will be ready for your home, due to being born in our home and raised with care. They well 

be exposed to kids, other dogs, cats, loud household noises, new people. ENS to reduce fear and 

aggression found in some dogs.

As pet owners, we understand the difficulty in trying to find a happy and healthy pet with a good temperament, and that is why we are very particular with the matches of dogs we mate together.  A lot of time and research happens when we decide to bring a new blood line into our breeding program.  We sift through many breeders, in the continental US and overseas, to find the right dog with the original characteristics of the breed, as well as the right temperament, hair coat and color, and genetics.

In order to achieve this, some of our dogs have been imported from Europe and come from champion and grand champion blood lines.  We are very thorough with the tests that are done on our breeding dogs, such as DNA testing and the appropriate xrays/certifications specific to each breed. We also offer a 2 year health guarantee (please view our health guarantee for more details).

Along with the proper genetics, socialization plays a major role in the temperament of dogs as well.  All of our dogs and puppies live in our homes, or guardian homes, and are loved by and well socialized with our children and other dogs.

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