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We honor, guide, and pour our hearts into every single one of our little ones.


The days are long and our relationship with people dwindle down to just each other. “I’m sure they will be fine., it’s just one day.” The littlest pup will normally struggle and need to be bottle fed around the clock. We’re his only hope.


Our nights are sleepless. We spend nights snuggled in the whelping box while our families are tucked into bed. “She’s just a dog, she knows what to do.” The fact is Mommas don’t deserve to give birth alone, no matter their species.


From birth on, we work curriculum with our babies daily. They will go home soon and need to be prepared for all types of house holds. The new world is scary and it’s our job to give them the confidence to succeed.We are the only voices for these animals. They need us just as much as we need them.


"That’s a lot of work!” Yes it is. A lot of work for amazing creatures that offer unconditional love while only requesting companionship in return. This is why we are fully committed to our dogs. They are healers... Maybe not of the sick but definitely of the broken hearted.


So for the little girl who struggles to read.

For the man who can’t remember the year.

For the son whose efforts at friendship seem to fail.

For the parents whose nests are empty.

For the woman who battles with infertility.

We hear you...


This is why we do what we do.

Learn more about our favorite breeds...

We protect our puppies...

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