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Empowering not enabling



. Before eyes are even open we are giving our pups a greater resistance to disease. ENS has been shown to improve cardiovascular performance as well as increases tolerance to stress.



At 3 days old we begin working towards higher confidence levels and nose awareness.   

Whelping Box Curriculum

This exposure is conducted in the whelping box where it is gentle and safe. The goal of these activities is to build trust while finding a happy balance of free will. 

Exposure Activities

At Day 28 we begin exposing our pups to new items and activities. This assists them in building their confidence and problem solving skills while allowing us to monitor their stress and startle recovery. We expose them to all scenarios that they could possibly encounter at their new homes.

(other animals, small children, loud noises, different textures)

These exercises are done daily and increased gradually to acclimate pups to all types of touch..This is extremely important for grooming and encourages them to be tolerant

Handling Exercises

Lesson Plan

Day 3-16

Start ENS 

Start ESI

Week 2

Begin Loud noise exposure

Week 3

Noise exposure

Gentle Handling Exercises

Start whelping box curriculum

Introduce litter box

Week 4

Noise exposure

Continue Handling Exercises

Continue whelping box curriculum

Start Exposure activity

Week 5-7

Noise exposure

Continue Handling Exercises

Continue Exposure activities

Week 8

Noise exposure

Continue Handling Exercises

Continue Exposure activities

Puppy evaluations

Week 9

Take home week

Vet appointments


Micro chips

We proudly follow The Badass Breeder's program created by Jeanette Forrey.


At 8 weeks of age each of our pups are individually evaluated.  Evaluations ensure that we are honoring each puppy by placing them in the best possible home for both pup and family. On pick up day we are then able to guide families through each temperament and personality traits that we have seem through out the weeks.

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