Our breeding dogs are so special to us...

. All of our dogs and puppies live in our homes, or guardian homes, and are loved by and well socialized with our children and other animals. We pride ourselves in importing US wide to ensure our strong lines are mixed with winning pedigrees. All parents are extensively health tested with champion backgrounds.They have been carefully picked to bring the best attributes to our program and your home.


Gwen is a lady inside and out. She loves to be the center of attention rather it is with us or the other dogs. AKC registered


Barbie is a shadow. She spends her days following my daughter Bailey around the house, Barbie makes one of the best sleeping buddies. UKC registered


Bells got her name from her personality. This girl is ready for anything and does it with absolute joy! AKC registered,


Kennedy is the Queen of the house and our hearts. She is royalty and make sure everyone knows it. AKC registered


Macy is such a prissy girl. Her hobbies include AC in the house, and daily brushings.. If you do convince her to go outside, there better not be a squirrel out there! You will never hear the end of it. AKC registered


Chloe is an old soul and so wise beyond her years. She is never interested in the backyard drama, just keeps to herself and does her own thing.

CKC registered


Anna is an Aisling Doodle original! As a pup she had the most sweetest temperament. We knew we could not let her go! Fast forward to the present, she has become an amazing momma and kept that wonderful tempermant.


Oh Hazen, she is Kathleen's spirit animal. Don't let the bow fool you, she means buisness. 

UKC registered

Big momma

Big Momma's temperament is a reflection of her name. This momma is a mother to all. It doesn't matter whose litter or child she usually won't be far behind them.

AKC registered


Bailey is our goof ball. Always making us and our kids laugh. She trips over air as well as her ears. There is just nothing cuter then a clumsy Cocker Spaniel.

AKC registered



Georgie is one of  our most passive dogs. There isn't much that truly bothers her, She is extremely sweet natured and as long as she can get a ear scratch she is a happy camper. 


Audrey is a clown, a clown who will always need the last word. We once had a three hour argument with a moth.... moth won. 

AKC Registered

 Jupiter is the salt of the earth but with beautiful big puppy dog eyes. It is honestly her mission to please others. AKC registered


A word from our Guardians

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